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The first challenge is hunger

           Spiritual achievement through martial art


     Martial art can be known as the oldest art in the world among the sixty four arts. Because from the beginning of the animal or human being self-guard was the basic necessity of the life. Since the hunger was the first and the foremost challenge to succeed the animal or human was led to approach the food to quench their hunger.

  They started feel that it is not easy to reach some of them. What was at the beginning very simple this became very complex later. Correct physical movements became necessary due to the fact that the one’ s life can become a victim to another and one must be ready to sacrifice the life at any time to another.

 Combat was begun to develop as an art due to this reason,
 Unlike in other arts in martial art the enemy becomes the best teacher. This is same even today. Your awareness always reminds you of your challenges to come. And this is the reason why the need to the hunger and preventing from being a prey to another animal became the first lesson in martial art.

The first challenge is hunger. This was based on the protection of life. The whole life had to be put at risks to eradicate the hunger just for one meal. Because of this all the movements (and actives) of animals became a habit and it was the first physical movements of man which first became familiar and then developed as a hobbit.

 In the Stone Age with the discovery of first fire spark there began a new spread of methods in the man’s movement styles. With gradual arrival to the developed civilize ages the fear based on hunger became a huge challenge (through).
Because of this fear the man has discovered many things. The many of (such) arts we have inherited today are the things which were taught to us by our teacher of such challenges.

    * Methods of producing various foods

    * relieving from the physical ailments

    * Methods of reaching long distances quickly

    * Methods of reducing darkness to the maximum

    * Methods of building their shelters strongly

    * Methods of relaxing the tension

* finding suitable time periods to do all the above activities

  The best out of all these was the weakening the enemy from the distance. This was the beginning even of the art of studies of sounds spells.

  One reword that we have received from martial art is (art of) dancing. If take a close look at dancing you will identify what is hidden in it is a martial art. But mastery in dancing will not support for a person to self guard him / herself. But remember that there is a big treasure hidden in your studies of dancing.    

 This is the reason what made    me to make you aware of this. I, at the beginning mentioned that the challenge of the man is getting man became happy when he got a victim of food with a great effort and an attempt.
 What they did to enjoy the victim that they hunted is going around the victim according to a style of rhythmic of movements. They followed while hunting. Even the enemy is suppressed. Because we have genes inherited from our ancestors.

Now you can understand how the activities followed to eliminate and avoid the fear first caused by the pain became an aesthetic art’.
The method followed to stop bleeding by pressing the wound with the hand has developed as surgery today. The dark ears, challengers and that came bleak incidents towards us life were illuminated by   astrology. (“Jothishaya” jothi means light)

   Because of this today we can see that this single subject has developed into various co-subjects,

At present an individual does not posses a free time or a metal harmony to experience all these arts. This is why we see individuals arguing out only in the art they mastered. And get troubles caused among the fields and nationalities because of forgetting that all these are inter-related and are branches of one tree.

With regard to martial art all the fighting techniques available specific to different countries)

Karate, Kung fu, aikido, hapkido, jujutsu, wing chun  , kalary, etc. are different methods of fighting based on different styles. But in the past all these were in one sole style.


    Since the there is a tendency for man to select one specific style to him, today, many fighting styles can be seen. There are certain artists who boast only their styles is the best are confined to a frame due to ignorance.
So that there are unending arguments. One has to act to the maximum to selfgaurd himself at a danger.
 Because sometimes escape also become arts. It cannot be confined to a name or style.

 What holds the significance of all these is the perfect state that our ancient martial art is possesses. A good master can show any style that an individual would prefer.

 It is like a soup mixed with various ingredients .they are different in separated. It cannot be used as a meal. But when they are mixed both the quality and the goodness of it will be attributed. But one thing you must remember is that. Martial art is a thing that cannot be exhibited. It is limited to experience. (Risk cannot be exhibited and it is a thing that comes as a start).
 Specialty of this is that native martial art consists of different methods. This is the best friend with you to avoid dangers but not to play games complex with various terms. The reason is that this provides self guard if one’s view is correct about the art.

  When a person masters the native art into the depth he or she starts to see his or her own self like on a mirror. It also starts to (feel) comprehend many other movement styles beyond what a person knows. Then only a technician becomes an artist. And them there is no clashes with other everything is there. and there are no arguments with others.

 The spirituality begins to reach meditation begins to reach rooting. Meditation begins to reach one’s self. He or she then starts to feel sympathy towards those that argue and clash. Because the ignorant merely try to clash instead of experiencing it. This of course, is why one can really hear and see that there are divinely kings of masters.
Really, it is due to the fact that the art has dominated the clash beyond 

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